The editor-journo relationship

Some views I presented in some corner of cyberspace: The editor-writer relationship is a crucial one, close yet fraught with misunderstandings. Before burning bridges, we need to evaluate carefully whether it’s worth it. Personally, I would prefer to keep quiet when something doesn’t work, rather than to come across as someone who is “complicated to work with”. There *are no* standards to go by, more so when we try to span different worlds — the commercial and the non-commercial, India and North America, Goa and her diaspora, print and cyberspace. The approach that works for me is to try and … Continue reading The editor-journo relationship

Some more old photos… from another Goa

While we are going down on the road to yesterday’s Goa and tripping on Goastalgia, here are some more (retouched) photos from my album, which I recently rescued from the white ants at home! Now that they are digitised, feel free to share and reproduce: On this [1] page, you can see most of my 15,000+ photos. For specific images, click on any photo and then use the ‘all sizes’ tab (on top right) to download a larger sized image. Here’s the late Alfred Vaz’s unusual image of a carnival float parade[2], probably from the ‘eighties or early ‘nineties. So … Continue reading Some more old photos… from another Goa

Needed: volunteer translators

Needed volunteers who can translate old Portuguese texts into English, for possible republication, including Arte Palmarica. See If you can help in any way, please get in touch. Also, needed volunteers to help put online, the digital versions of copyright-expired Goa-related books. FN, … publishing Goa, not accidentally Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: goa, books, translations, digitising Continue reading Needed: volunteer translators

Author profile: Dr Teresa Albuquerque

Dr  TERESA ALBUQUERQUE, a writer from Goa who lives between her homes at Anjuna (Goa) and Santa Cruz (Bombay) happens to be the sister of pioneering ex-editor Frank Moraes and the aunt of accomplished writer Dom Moraes. Incidentally, when we met last at the Literati in Calangute, I mentioned to her the idea from expat journo Eugene Correa of having a Frank Moraes School of Journalism in Goa. Born of Goan origin in 1930, at Poona, she was a student of St.Xavier’s College, Bombay, graduated through  the University of Bombay in Arts with Honours in English and French, and then  … Continue reading Author profile: Dr Teresa Albuquerque