Reviews… reviews, reviews

Some comments on a recently-published essay, part of Jerry Pinto’s Reflected in Water: Writings on Goa (Penguin Books): “Teotonia R. de Souza’s profile of the little-known ‘opium smuggler who tried to liberate Goa’ is as captivating as Frederick Noronha’s portrait of Abbé Faria, eighteenth-century priest, mesmerist and revolutionary, and one of the region’s most famous sons.” (From the book’s jacket and on Penguin.) And, Karishma Attari’s review in The Hindustan Times titled Furious and funny in Goa: “Every anthology has its strong leaders and its stragglers. Not every piece in this compilation is a winner. Adil Jussawalla’s delicious diary entry … Continue reading Reviews… reviews, reviews

As good an excuse as any….

Even when going for something related to music, one needs to find some other ‘peg’ in it. Say, some photos to be clicked or the promise of an interview. Thursday evening was different. Longtime cyber-friend (even if we disagree over some issues) and Goa Engineering College alumni Joao Paulo (John Paul) Cota, now based in London and sometime a Goanetter, invited me to the 100th birth centenary celebrations of his grand-dad Maestro Jose Santana Cota (b 1906) on December 28 at his village of Santa Cruz (Tiswadi). John-Paul has kept close contact over the years, and one can’t but help … Continue reading As good an excuse as any….

“Must be ink fell on it…”

Those Good Ol’ Days Stories From Two Schools and A College in Mapusa, Goa December 2006 Price (in Goa) Rs 150. Pp 84 (large size) BMX “Must be ink fell on it,” commented three-year-old Aren, struggling to get his words right after gingerly asking permission to see the book. Touching the wrong book can mean big trouble, as the kids have by now learnt. “This looks like my school notebook,” Riza (8) commented earlier in the evening, pointing to the cover. “Can I write on it?” she went on to boldly ask, when shown another page with the same … Continue reading “Must be ink fell on it…”

New Year thoughts…

EFY, Electronics For You, the New Delhi-based group that publishes the Linux For You magazine too, had this small surprise for me. A 2007 desk calendar. What was interesting was the quotes it contained, some from people whom I don’t quite admire … or appreciate their role in changing the world in a certain direction. (Walt Disney, for instance). But whose words are inspiring in a way. So let me share the same with you: To talk well and eloquently is a very great art; but that an equally great one is to know the right moment to stop. — … Continue reading New Year thoughts…

The promise of … the ‘Bangalore Tiger’

While passing through Bangalore yesterday, I came across Bangalore Tiger: How Indian Tech UPstart Wipro is Rewriting the Rules of Global Competition by Steve Hamm. This is a 2007-dated Indian edition released by Tata McGraw-Hill and priced a rupee or five (can’t recall) below the Rs 300 mark. Am only at the beginning of the book. But Hamm seems to be trying hard to tell a tech story in an interesting with, with a human face. There are still a lot of details to contend with. Some reviews and links (including to the book are here. On the back … Continue reading The promise of … the ‘Bangalore Tiger’