Some more old photos… from another Goa

While we are going down on the road to yesterday’s Goa and tripping on Goastalgia, here are some more (retouched) photos from my album, which I recently rescued from the white ants at home! Now that they are digitised, feel free to share and reproduce:

On this [1] page, you can see most of my 15,000+ photos. For specific images, click on any photo and then use the ‘all sizes’ tab (on top right) to download a larger sized image.

Unusual carnival float ... circa 1980s or 1990s

Here’s the late Alfred Vaz’s unusual image of a carnival float parade[2], probably from the ‘eighties or early ‘nineties. So hard to believe that Alfred vanished from the scene as fast as this returned Bomboicar had descended on us! You need to zoom in on the placards to understand why I term it unusual.

Leonard Aarons, a photographer whom I worked with during my stint in the Deccan Herald, shared this photo [3] with me, of the Calangute-Candolim stretch, after some work we did together. Today, the area grows concrete.

Temple tank

Sometime around 1987 (maybe I got the year wrong), I went along with Matanhy Saldanha and others on the ‘protect water, protect life’ march around Goa. Here are a couple of photos from there, one from the Mangueshim temple tank[4], and the other from a fisherman’s home[5]. This photo of Sanvordem town, taken from the Guardian Angel School,
where we spent a night halt, is also from the same time[6].

During one of my many flirtations with the camera, I was trying out clicking (in a pre-digital era) this once-catchy image of a coconut leaf, and all its geometric patterns [7].

Two images on politicians from the yesteryears (not yet out!) are here [8] and [9]. Tell me, how does having an ultra-costly-to-build and as-costly-to-maintain underutilised new assembly complex help Goa to be better governed?

Among the other photographs imprinted on my mind’s camera are Taresh Kumar’s photo of the marooned ‘Sea Transporter’ (before the ‘River Princess’ came). I recall the way in which the Coast Guard were struggling to remove the fuel from the ship, fearing it would ruin the Taj’s beach and more! [10] Here’s Joel’s photo of the inaugration of the Portuguese Consulte [11]. And an unidentified photographer’s work on damaged salt pans in times before global warming was spoken about [12]. Finally, here’s a link to the commonman’s casino! [13]

And I probably can’t end without another version of the Colvale carreira photo [14] which got a total of  1,066 views in its polaroid version [15]. Thank you for all your feedback. –FN


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5 thoughts on “Some more old photos… from another Goa

  1. Hi Mr Saurabh i am looking out for some old photos of Goan family and their heritage house for my collections…would be possible to be provide few…

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