Navy war room case… some Goa links

This issue has figured prominently in the national media. Is there sufficient follow-up on the Goa angles? Reporting on the Navy has tended to be a huge black home for the most… with by-invite-only coverage obviously not doing justice to the issues on hand. Niraj Naik’s DigitalGoa service said 6-Apr-2006 16:49:46: “CBI raided plant in Verna over Navy war room leak case.” Later, a report in the ET named the plant concerned. Below are some reports that show up the Goa link, and name officers whom some of us might have encountered in news conferences: Navy war room leak case … Continue reading Navy war room case… some Goa links

Scribe-bashing, when will it end? (Vidya Heble, 1991)

Scribe-bashing, when will it end? [This article was published in the June-November 1991 issue of NewsSpeak, the quarterly publication of the Goa Union of Journalists.] [BY VIDYA HEBLE] An assault on a journalist is, at the most, a nine-day wonder. If at all. Even the hue and cry raised over the brutal beating-up of O Herald’s Anthony Fernandes on March 22, 1991 — which actually brought to the fore the whole issue of assaults on (and freedom of) the Press — has died down to a mere memory. This statement is justified because the long history of attacks on journalists … Continue reading Scribe-bashing, when will it end? (Vidya Heble, 1991)

Broken peace… fact-finding and the media

Supreme Court lawyer and human rights campaigner Nandita Haksar’s (et al) just-released report ‘Broken Peace: Fact finding report on the first communal violence in Goa’ is now available online, for those interested: PDF version (with annexures): Plain-text version (without annexures) Incidentally, the report makes some references to the media. It seems to have however overlooked the role of a section of the media in fuelling rumours that could have aggravated the violence. Some of its references: Page 2 of the Introduction: Thanks Preetu Nair for introducing the team to people who proved valuable in its investigations. Thanks Sujay … Continue reading Broken peace… fact-finding and the media

GUJ site gets going

Here’s the new site created for the Goa Union of Journalists in early-April 2006. You’ll find some photos to the years gone by, and a link to an e-book called ‘The Net for Journalists: A practical guide to the internet. There’s also another useful link to an e-book on covering labour issues and reports by past general secretaries to the GUJ taking stock of the years gone by. Do check it out… Continue reading GUJ site gets going