Patagonia, where’s that?

For PRINTED WORD Frederick Noronha takes a look at the growing number of memoirs by Goans, a compiliation of editorials, and a book on the monsoons. This weekly column on books in Goa also focuses on a photocopied, self-published model, and looks at a book that unravels what goes into creating a book! Biblophile-friend Dr Nandkumar Kamat reminded me about the upcoming release of a new book ‘From Goa to Patagonia’ slated for August 24, 2007 at 4.15 pm at the Kala Academy’s meeting hall. This not only sent me scurring to my cluttered email in-box, but it also saw … Continue reading Patagonia, where’s that?

From the screen, to the page… the story of Goa and films

PRINTED WORD By Frederick Noronha fred at When one tried to pick up a copy of ‘Location Goa’, it took me a couple of visits and more to actually get it. To be fair to Director of Information Menino Peres, he promptly handed over a copy when we actually managed to meet. But one still doubts that this book — about the strange relationship between Goa and films (mostly Bollywood) — has reached the hands of too many readers. In Goa or beyond. That’s sad. Like any government-published book, once the money is spent, there isn’t any great pressures … Continue reading From the screen, to the page… the story of Goa and films

Memoirs … of a voice from the airwaves

PRINTED WORD / On books in and about GoaFirst published in Gomantak Times, Aug 2, 2007 This is about the most bizarre thing to do while encountering a book: try to read it from the ending! That’s just what I did with the autobiography of someone you might know, a lady called Imelda Dias. So one is still trying to put the pieces of the jigsaw together; but it was an interesting read. Most of Goa of a particular generation — those around here in the 1960s and 1970s — would probably remember the name “Imelda” (or even Imelda Tavora). … Continue reading Memoirs … of a voice from the airwaves