Cooking up a tasty meal… of information (and data)

“What’s that for?” I asked. “To cook…. yes, it’s to cook,” laughed Onno Widodo Purbo, who calls himself “an independent ICT writer who dreams to see a knowledge-based society in Indonesia.” Dr. Purbo showed every sign of enjoying his joke tremendously. But in a little while, things were up and running. It was about information, not steamed rice or sambal. As participants at the PANALL2009 camp finished lunch, the diminitive former academic turned tech-campaigner mounted the stairs and began his strange demo. By the time he finished, everyone was astounded by the simplicity of the technology he used. And it’s … Continue reading Cooking up a tasty meal… of information (and data)

Getting another chance, with Second Life

Second Life? What’s that? I too plead guilty of only having heard vaguely of this space-in-cyberspace, till before the PANALL2009 event. In hindsight, we found that it was indeed useful, and even before the meet got together, it actually got some of the discussions going. “HatHead’s” “photo” of a Second Life meet-up underway, before we actually got down to Penang. Co-ordinating an online ‘lecture’ (as Second Life helped PANALL to do earlier this month and in late May) must have been a logistical challenge. There were some timezone complications to contend with, apart from getting people familiar with the idea … Continue reading Getting another chance, with Second Life