FN, aka Frederick Noronha, is a journalist based in Goa, on the west coast of India. His interests include ICT4D, community radio, education, Free Software, books, alternative issues, media issues, cyberspace…

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  1. You should higlight these atrocties to mankind to the world about
    the discrimination prevalent in india…..]

    For 3,000 years, I have been oppressed
    This boy, along with 250 million of his people, have been told by the upper castes of India that they are less than human. If even their shadows falls on an upper caste, it pollutes them. The Dalit Freedom Network (DFN) is working with a growing number of individuals, foundations, and organizations outside of India to help support organizations that are within India to help the Dalits (doll-leet) gain their freedom. Take a moment and learn about the most oppressed people of all mankind.


  2. Love your blog, Frederick.

    Not an open source fellow yet.

    I was wondering why you don’t have fuller feeds when I view your posts in the feed reader. Please check the settings.

    Sorry about posting here. You can delete this later.

  3. I read your views on farm crisis. I strongly believe that it is the middle class of India that can change this scenario. We purchase Levis t-shirts for thousands of rupees and never ask for discounts (against our prestige). The same consumer fights for 2 rupees with a poor sabziwala, or an auto driver! Why can’t we value Indian goods? The clothes we wear are foreign products, and the Indian farmers who could have grown that cotton- are committing suicide!!

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