Meeting John Thomas

Met up with John Thomas over the past weekend. My senior whom I reported to in Deccan Herald where he was Chief of News Bureau is currently the Editor (Operations) of the also-Bangalore-based Vijay Times. It was nice to get talking about people we knew, earlier bosses and colleagues, and the newspaper scene in Bangalore. John’s wife Susheela was also there, and we spent some hours walking around Panjim/Panaji/Ponnje/Pangim together. Continue reading Meeting John Thomas

HS D’Lima of Andheri, noise, and activists

At IFFI-2004 one heard of a film about the work of HS D’Lima (70), who has been campaigning against sound pollution in Mumbai. Unfortunately, in the shower of films, news conferences and hurry to ‘get the story out’, one didn’t get a chance to view that. So, ignorance remains bliss. More recently, a friend mentioned that D’Lima had been attacked. Going through my pending stack (mess would be a better word) of papers, one read the March 7, 2005 issue of Indian Express report that D’Lim “sustained two deep cuts on his left arm but was otherwise unhurt”. Apparently, the … Continue reading HS D’Lima of Andheri, noise, and activists

Goa, police claims, and the accidental death reality

This report from the Hindustan Times has thrown up a shocking piece of statistics: Goa accounted for the highest rate of accidental deaths — 71 per 100,000 population, as compared to the national average of 26.4. The report is titled “Two rapes, four murders every hour in India” and is based on “figures compiled by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).” Continue reading Goa, police claims, and the accidental death reality

The “North”, Africans in India, etc…

Fundacao Oriente later today, March 10, kicks off a lecture series series that continues its earlier Indo-Portuguese historical and cultural interactions. Some of the topics are interesting, and the speakers are mostly people one could look forward to meeting. This Thursday, from 6-7 pm, Dr Glenn J Ames has a catchy title for his talk — ‘A Tale of Four Cities: The Provincia do Norte in an Age of Decline and Rebirth, 1640-1683’. The ‘Provincia do Norte’, or the Northern Province, was the hardly-northern not-far-from-Bombay edge of the colonial Portuguese empire in South Asia. Dr Ames here tells the story … Continue reading The “North”, Africans in India, etc…

Can you build within 500 metres of the high-tide line?

Can you build within 500 metres of the high-tide line? (Yes, no, depends?) What do you do when you find an electric pole stuck in your backyard, after returning back to Goa, set there without anyone’s permission? (Can you do anything at all?) Can a buyer ask you to ‘convert’ your land before selling it? (What are the illegal rates?) What’s the dividing line between a “Portuguese house” and one which is traditionally Goan? (Surprise: There are no Portuguese houses in Goa, as architect Gerard da Cunha unequivocally says, just a synthesis between the Portuguese and local style of houses!) … Continue reading Can you build within 500 metres of the high-tide line?