Educational resources … from

Sukumar Anikar <>  [1] and Prasad <> managed to get across to me a copy of a DVD … and what a DVD at that! It contained a whole lot of fascinating educational software for school children. A couple of nights ago, I ended up ‘playing’ some educational games with Aren, 5, and told him that my friends had sent the same across free. “Did you say ‘thank you’?” he asked me in turn. In fact, he kept ‘playing’ on these games, though it was almost midnight, and even though he’s too small to obviously understand many of the concepts … Continue reading Educational resources … from

Starting a GNU/Linux user group?

Sourabh Khajanchi <> who is a fifth semester engineering student in Bhopal, wrote in to say, “I am starting a Linux User Group in my college…. I need some help from you. I want  to know about the various events and activities a LUG should organise.” My (hurried, and delayed) response? Check this: Linux Online – Linux User Group HOWTO The Linux User Group HOWTO is a guide to founding, maintaining, … 6.1 LUG support organisations; 6.2 Founding a LUG; 6.3 Maintaining and growing a LUG … Most important: set up and maintain (continuously) an active mailing list. Either … Continue reading Starting a GNU/Linux user group?

The editor-journo relationship

Some views I presented in some corner of cyberspace: The editor-writer relationship is a crucial one, close yet fraught with misunderstandings. Before burning bridges, we need to evaluate carefully whether it’s worth it. Personally, I would prefer to keep quiet when something doesn’t work, rather than to come across as someone who is “complicated to work with”. There *are no* standards to go by, more so when we try to span different worlds — the commercial and the non-commercial, India and North America, Goa and her diaspora, print and cyberspace. The approach that works for me is to try and … Continue reading The editor-journo relationship

Joel D’Souza’s photos on

Joel’s pictures on … got some interesting links via this page: Links to some interesting groups here: Joel’s Goa Pics’ public groups NEW  Night Images Croatia NEW  Fruit & Veg NEW  Black and White Portraiture Photography Cricket Fever NEW  Canon DSLR User Group social documentary photographers – pls read the rules India Art Now *PETS COMMUNITY* (Post up to 5 – Comment 1 on the right) NEW  Tell a story in 5 frames (Visual story telling) NEW  Portrait Fog and Rain NEW  People Portraits art & people (PHOTOS MUST HAVE PEOPLE INTERACTING WITH ART) NEW  Catchy Colors Pet … Continue reading Joel D’Souza’s photos on

LUG meeting on Saturday (July 26, 2008)

Photo from an earlier LUG activity (ECAP 2006). A GNU/Linux user group (LUG) meeting tomorrow, Saturday, July 26, 2008 from 3-5 pm at the Goa Science Centre. Dhaval Giani <> volunteered: “Am in goa for the next week. Can do a short talk on becoming a “Becoming a Fedora Package Maintainer, no rocket science”. Can also talk about building a community around an open source project.” Wish I could make it, but have to be in Quepem at the same time. Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: freesoftware, LUG, Goa Continue reading LUG meeting on Saturday (July 26, 2008)