Translations, typesetting… Konkani

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Just to put you in touch with a young lady (who did her graduation in Konkani and is now doing her Master’s in History), who’s open to doing translations (English-Konkani) and also typesetting in Devanagari:neelamtatkar499 at
Neelam, feel free to join the Goa Book Club. There are authors here who might need translation services. It could also whet your appetite for books related to Goa.
ADDENDA: Anwesha Singbal write:
Hi. even i would be interested in translation jobs. I have been already empanelled on the government list too. Thanks. Email: Contact: 9923442746
Sunetra Jog (sunetrajog at gmail com) adds: Hi Rico, Even I am interested in translations from English to Konkani or Marathi and Devnagari typesetting also.

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