Maps … and taking a stand

Sophia Kamaruddin pointed me to the page where I could download the ebook titled Maps for Advocacy: An Introduction to Geographical Mapping Techniques An interesting book: Do maps merely list cities, towns, rivers and mountains or can they also reveal what happens in these locations? Can anti-pollution drives, instances of forest degradation or disease-filled zones be displayed on a map? Certainly. A while ago, that was not a possibility as maps were mere location guides. Now, with online acees to publicly available maps combined with satellite imagery and enhanced graphical displays, maps can be artfully used by rights advocates to … Continue reading Maps … and taking a stand

Google enables Indians to build maps of their villages, cities

For a vast country which lacks adequately detailed and available maps for many of its areas, India is now finding an unexpected solution come up in the form of Google Map Maker. Google recently extended its ‘map maker’ service to India, and within three weeks of its launch, has already drawn quite some attention to it in cyberspace. Supporters of the project started sending messages out via the Net, urging each friends and colleagues to create their own detailed maps — by adding details of features in the villages or urban areas where they live. Google Map Maker is a … Continue reading Google enables Indians to build maps of their villages, cities

Bookworm…. at Panjim

Yesterday, when I took Riza (“amost 10”) over Bookworm, Sujata Noronha (no relative) buttonholed me and re-asked about setting up a blog. Feeling guilty, because VM and me had been discussing the possibility of a website for them for some time now, I tried something that might help to get started. WordPress (because it’s Free Software) is my favourite blogging software. So I grabbed their comp, and helped to set up a rudimentary blog of sorts. Check it out here. Later in the night, during my nocturnal hours, added some of the posts that Bookworm has been sending to my … Continue reading Bookworm…. at Panjim

A CD on Goa….

My former colleague and friend, Niraj Naik, has come out with “Goa’s first comprehensive data bank on (a) multimedia CD”. It promises to explore all facets of Goa, with the largest compilation of photographs and information. It is an “ideal gift for students” and a “treasure trove for students, teachers, tourists, NRGs (non-resident Goans) and Goa enthusiasts” says the cover of the CD. It is priced at Rs 99 and comes from Unfortunately, the CD runs only on Windows (.exe file) while my comp runs on GNU/Linux (Free Software)…. Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: goa, india, cds, resources, … Continue reading A CD on Goa….

Cameras for a Cause :: Our rationale. V 1.0 23 September 2008

More about this group: Cameras for a Cause (C-FAC) is a volunteer network, meant to share photography (and sometimes videography) skills with campaigners, citizens, not-for-profits and anyone undertaking work for positive social change on the planet. 1. By “positive social change”, we refer to those working on issues of environment, labour, conservation, education, development, IT-for-change any other such issues. We leave it open to each volunteer to define what they see as a “good cause”, and to offer their support to the same. 2. Anyone, anywhere on the planet with access to a camera and a suitable level of … Continue reading Cameras for a Cause :: Our rationale. V 1.0 23 September 2008