Bookworm…. at Panjim

Yesterday, when I took Riza (“amost 10”) over Bookworm, Sujata Noronha (no relative) buttonholed me and re-asked about setting up a blog. Feeling guilty, because VM and me had been discussing the possibility of a website for them for some time now, I tried something that might help to get started. WordPress (because it’s Free Software) is my favourite blogging software. So I grabbed their comp, and helped to set up a rudimentary blog of sorts. Check it out here. Later in the night, during my nocturnal hours, added some of the posts that Bookworm has been sending to my … Continue reading Bookworm…. at Panjim

Cameras for a Cause :: Our rationale. V 1.0 23 September 2008

More about this group: Cameras for a Cause (C-FAC) is a volunteer network, meant to share photography (and sometimes videography) skills with campaigners, citizens, not-for-profits and anyone undertaking work for positive social change on the planet. 1. By “positive social change”, we refer to those working on issues of environment, labour, conservation, education, development, IT-for-change any other such issues. We leave it open to each volunteer to define what they see as a “good cause”, and to offer their support to the same. 2. Anyone, anywhere on the planet with access to a camera and a suitable level of … Continue reading Cameras for a Cause :: Our rationale. V 1.0 23 September 2008

Tania Pérez Bustos … Free Software, Colombia, India

Tania Pérez Bustos is a PhD student from Colombia doing fieldwork in India. Her research is on the educational and gender dimension of experiences like FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open Source Software) that aim to popularize technology. She says, “I really liked the statement in the (BytesForAll) website in which you assume a critical position towards ICT and the political context it is immersed in … unfortunately not very common.” Here, she talks about her work, and her encounter with India, Colombia, and the need for links between these disparate and distant regions. Continue reading Tania Pérez Bustos … Free Software, Colombia, India

From a recent article written, and published in ET (via IANS)

LinuxChix-India aims at free software access for women 10 Jul, 2008, 1030 hrs IST, IANS BANGALORE: With a name like LinuxChix-India, you might think its mission is trivial, but their goal is serious: creating equal access for women to enter the world of technology. Archana Raghupathy of Chennai started LinuxChix-India in 2005. It is the Indian chapter of the global women techies’ network, and “tries to empower Indian women to use, develop and contribute to the world of free and open source software (FOSS).” Globally, LinuxChix is a community for women who “like Linux and Free Software” and for … Continue reading From a recent article written, and published in ET (via IANS)

News, via SMS, claimed to reach 60,000 subscribers in eastern India Digg Technorati A journalist I know, Jatindra Dash from the eastern Indian state of Orissa, started this rather interesting SMS-based news-service in the Oriya language which is spoken by some 31 million people. Elsa Patnaik’s article on describes it thus:, the world’s first and only 24×7 Oriya news portal has tied up with SMSGupShup, a free group messaging service provided by Webaroo Technology India Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai. While provides the content, SMSGupShup provides the free group SMS technology and platform. Started in November 2007, the service has close to 60,000 subscribers at present. The figures sound … Continue reading News, via SMS, claimed to reach 60,000 subscribers in eastern India

I had forgotten this…

If it wasn’t for this photo being reproduced, I would have forgotten that it existed! Another of those good things from sharing … July 01, 2008 US Says No to Solar (Updated) 2 July Update: Bowing to the protests of some very unhappy citizens , BLM announces a reversal of its decision to ban solar development on Fed lands. ————————- You must be thinking, it’s mid 2008, energy costs are going through the roof, so the headline of this post can’t be right … right?  Well I’m no anti-government anarchist, but the recent ruling by the Bureau of Land Management … Continue reading I had forgotten this…