Zudas… a one-act play

A play telling “the story” from the perspective of Judas Iscariot 🙂 It’s described thus; “Chintnank sarem ghalpi/ Motik dhar kaddpi/ Dev bhirantichea mon’xank halovpi/ Unnea bhavarthachea mon’xank zagovpi/ Ek anki nattok.” (Something to shake you up, and challenge the less-than-faithful…) Published in 2007. Again, a TSKK-publication (I picked up these three books together). Priced at Rs 60. 58 pages. It says: “Pratap Naik SJ‘s attempt at a lateral view makes a fascinating monologue to watch and listen to. Puritans may find the concept itself and the dialogues to be blasphemy. The playwright does not make a statement. Judas is … Continue reading Zudas… a one-act play

Songs… for kids

After reading about it in cyberspace, I recently dropped in to buy a copy of Pratap Naik’s  songbook for kids, Hansat Gayat Nachat (Bhurgeanchim Gitam). Nicely brought out… in the Roman script. In two parts, 36 + 22 songs. Here’s one I learnt with Riza when she was in primary school. It’s about a kid, I guess, promising the moon to a kitten (milky cream, the landlord’s cow, a red dress) … and then goes on to have an unusual ending (reflecting the fish-eating Goan’s dislike for vegetarianism). Correct me if I’m wrong… maybe I’m just reading too much into … Continue reading Songs… for kids

A CD… devotional music

Devotional music… Konkani, Manglore variant. Lyrics by Dr Pratap Naik sj, and music by Eric Ozario. Instruments backing it up include the Korg, sitar, lead guitar, clarionet, sax, violin, tabla, acoustic guitar, base guitar and rhythm. Quite an East-West synthesis, as one could guess….. Available (or was) via the Thomas Stevens Konkani Kendr. technorati tags:Konkani, music, devotional, CD, TSKK Blogged with Flock Continue reading A CD… devotional music