Goa sports links in cyberspace….

OFFICIAL Sports Authority of Goa http://tsag.org/?pg=visstat FOOTBALL Goa Football Association http://www.goa-fa.com/ GFA-links http://www.goa-fa.com/?q=node/5 Sporting Clube de Goa http://www.sportingclubedegoa.com/ Salcaocar Sports Club http://salgaocarsc.com/ Dempo Sports Club (Wikipedia) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dempo_SC Churchill Brothers http://www.churchill-brothers.com/main.php Sesa Goa Football Academy http://www.sesagoa.com/aboutscdf.htm#football CRICKET Goa Cricket Association http://goacricketassociation.com/ CHESS Goa State Chess Association http://goachess.com/ Goan chess blog http://goanchess.blogspot.com/ BODYBUILDING Goa Body Building and Fitness Association (Facebook) http://www.facebook.com/pages/GOA-BODY-BUILDING-FITNESS-ASSOCIATION/95798352958?v=info CYCLING Goa Cycle Club http://www.cyclists.in/group/goacycleclub Goa Cycles: Rides, advocacy and more with the Goa Cycle Club http://goacycles.wordpress.com/ BADMINTON Goa’s ‘Professional Badminton League’ http://www.facebook.com/notes/sandeep-heble/goas-professional-badminton-league/181738157211 TREKKING YHAI National Trekking Expedition GOA http://yhaindia.org/files/adv_programs/description/Goatrekking.htm WATERSPORTS National Institute of Watersports-Goa http://niws.nic.in/ Barracuda Diving India http://groups.yahoo.com/group/barracuda-diving/ Goa … Continue reading Goa sports links in cyberspace….

Googlegroups, Yahoogroups or Facebook

In my view, both Googlegroups and Yahoogroups are almost as good. I used to favour Yahoogroups first, then took to Google and have now been involved with the launch of http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fsug-goa Mailman is the right choice, it’s Free Software. But you need to be able to administer it and have a fast-enough server. Of the earlier two, each has one or two advantages. Yahoo has a add-10 addresses a day limit. But Googlegroups will block you if you add too many. Don’t worry, not much differences between the two. Facebook (which is getting a lot of groups-like features these days) … Continue reading Googlegroups, Yahoogroups or Facebook

Going Dutch in cyberspace, researching India (25 years ago)… etc

Patrice Riemens from the Netherlands has his own understanding of issues of technology and society… Here he talks about the role the Dutch have played in cyberspace (and why), and his research in India on multinationals coming out of here even a quarter of a century ago! Continue reading Going Dutch in cyberspace, researching India (25 years ago)… etc

Maps … and taking a stand

Sophia Kamaruddin pointed me to the page where I could download the ebook titled Maps for Advocacy: An Introduction to Geographical Mapping Techniques An interesting book: Do maps merely list cities, towns, rivers and mountains or can they also reveal what happens in these locations? Can anti-pollution drives, instances of forest degradation or disease-filled zones be displayed on a map? Certainly. A while ago, that was not a possibility as maps were mere location guides. Now, with online acees to publicly available maps combined with satellite imagery and enhanced graphical displays, maps can be artfully used by rights advocates to … Continue reading Maps … and taking a stand

Nandinho … the rough cut

Thanks to my priest-musician friend Joaquim Loiola Pereira, I got a copy of of Saudades do Nandinho just this evening. Have been tuned into it for the last hundred minutes or so… and did it bring back memories! The Sixties were a strange time in Goa. My folks had returned home (from Brazil) just then. But they soon realised that “their home” they had returned to, was a confusing and fast-changing place. Jobs were scarce. Electricity was still to reach the villages, including ours! Bizarre things (since these were then, still, largely uncomprehensible) were happening on the political front. It … Continue reading Nandinho … the rough cut

Google enables Indians to build maps of their villages, cities

For a vast country which lacks adequately detailed and available maps for many of its areas, India is now finding an unexpected solution come up in the form of Google Map Maker. Google recently extended its ‘map maker’ service to India, and within three weeks of its launch, has already drawn quite some attention to it in cyberspace. Supporters of the project started sending messages out via the Net, urging each friends and colleagues to create their own detailed maps — by adding details of features in the villages or urban areas where they live. Google Map Maker is a … Continue reading Google enables Indians to build maps of their villages, cities