6 thoughts on “An old-style bus (carreira) from Goa

  1. Hi Frederick,

    While researching for our website Grubhogs.com and blog grubhogs.blogspot.com we came across your Goa Blog. You have some great work on here.
    Grubhogs is a food, entertainment and lifestyle review website for 7 Indian cities including Goa. The website launches next week. We are looking for guest authors on our newly created blog who know and understand their cities well. We want to offer India and the world an insider’s perspective of local things. We are looking for authors who can contribute opinions, musings, local book reviews, local food reviews, photo essays, architectural and cultural insights and much more about their cities. All articles will bear the name of the author and we will take no credit for them.
    We would really like to have you on board. Please email us for any further information you might need and hopefully a “Yes!”



    The Grubhogs Team

  2. That’s a pretty excellent post, i was studying something similar on another blog not too long ago that basically said the same thing although yours is clearer, plus its good to have some validation on seeing two sources acknowledge it.

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