Derek Antao

Someone on Facebook accused me of being an expert on Derek Antao. The name didn’t ring a bell. A Google search later, I found this link to a reply I had sent (second-hand info, again) to Hartman De Souza on a thread started by Augusto Pinto: lists this book, but it’s currently “out of print, limited availability” Give us this day a black sheep [Unknown Binding] Derek Antao (Author) In case you were wondering, Hartman explained: QUOTE: Derek Antao was a legendary English teacher at SIES College, Mumbai, and a well known playwright of the late … Continue reading Derek Antao

A CD on Goa….

My former colleague and friend, Niraj Naik, has come out with “Goa’s first comprehensive data bank on (a) multimedia CD”. It promises to explore all facets of Goa, with the largest compilation of photographs and information. It is an “ideal gift for students” and a “treasure trove for students, teachers, tourists, NRGs (non-resident Goans) and Goa enthusiasts” says the cover of the CD. It is priced at Rs 99 and comes from Unfortunately, the CD runs only on Windows (.exe file) while my comp runs on GNU/Linux (Free Software)…. Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: goa, india, cds, resources, … Continue reading A CD on Goa….

Goa, writing, the Wikipedia…

Check this Goa Literature page on the widely-read Wikipedia at: Someone called it “badly done”. Wrote FlareNUKE in December 2005: “The article is not well wikified, it’s POV (point of view) and has a bad tone, the article needs a serious overhaul, or just merge it with Goa… Considering it’s been untouched for a long time (about a year…) I doubt anyone will bother with it… but sadly, I know nothing of the Goans.” Said Paul Castro: “Could this article be re-organised? I think it does Goa a disservice to have works in English branded Goan literature and then … Continue reading Goa, writing, the Wikipedia…

Needed: volunteer translators

Needed volunteers who can translate old Portuguese texts into English, for possible republication, including Arte Palmarica. See If you can help in any way, please get in touch. Also, needed volunteers to help put online, the digital versions of copyright-expired Goa-related books. FN, … publishing Goa, not accidentally Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: goa, books, translations, digitising Continue reading Needed: volunteer translators

Author profile: Dr Teresa Albuquerque

Dr  TERESA ALBUQUERQUE, a writer from Goa who lives between her homes at Anjuna (Goa) and Santa Cruz (Bombay) happens to be the sister of pioneering ex-editor Frank Moraes and the aunt of accomplished writer Dom Moraes. Incidentally, when we met last at the Literati in Calangute, I mentioned to her the idea from expat journo Eugene Correa of having a Frank Moraes School of Journalism in Goa. Born of Goan origin in 1930, at Poona, she was a student of St.Xavier’s College, Bombay, graduated through  the University of Bombay in Arts with Honours in English and French, and then  … Continue reading Author profile: Dr Teresa Albuquerque

Memoirs … of a voice from the airwaves

PRINTED WORD / On books in and about GoaFirst published in Gomantak Times, Aug 2, 2007 This is about the most bizarre thing to do while encountering a book: try to read it from the ending! That’s just what I did with the autobiography of someone you might know, a lady called Imelda Dias. So one is still trying to put the pieces of the jigsaw together; but it was an interesting read. Most of Goa of a particular generation — those around here in the 1960s and 1970s — would probably remember the name “Imelda” (or even Imelda Tavora). … Continue reading Memoirs … of a voice from the airwaves