The new GEO… in India

GEO, in India

GEO, in India

Has anyone of you run into the new GEO? Vol I Issue I is just out, and available at Varsha’s (Panjim). Probably elsewhere too.

GEO is a German magazine, for the first time being published in English, and that too in India. I could call it a German National Geographic, but it’s probably better. The photographs are superb. Take a look at the “mouse lolly” below, and zoom in to read the caption!

What was a pleasant surprise was to see GoaWriter Himanshu Burte’s article prominently displayed. Nice piece, fantastic images. Himanshu’s article is about the “Trading Places”. He writes: “The extraordinary architecture of three of India’s most distinctive trading communities tells a rich and evocative story about the power of pleasure and the pleasures of power on the cusp of modernity.” Nice visual tourism of Shekhawati, Bohra land, and Chettinadu.

It’s a good investment of your hundred rupees. Specially, if like me, you too prefer to experiment with Vol I Issue I numbers when they come out. I liked GEO.

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