A hundred years young… almost!

The Goa Review of Books

The young Jesuit Kelwin Monteiro promptly agreed and shared a copy of the latest issue of Dor Mhoineachi Rotti. It is now online and free to access here.

Kelwin wrote:

As assured, kindly find attached to this mail the January issue of the Dor Mhoineachi Rotti.  Feel free to put it on any website or  blog, so that it reaches to the maximum number of people!  I will send you the issues every month! This is the 99th year of its publication.  The year 2015-16 would be the Centenary Year of publication!

Great going… The magazine is in Romi Konkani (or, as sometimes interestingly called, Amchi Bhaas).  It is priced at Rs 10 per issue, Rs 100 for a year’s subscription, and Rs 500 via airmail to any overseas address.

You can contact its editorial office at the Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr, BB Borkar Road, Alto…

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Rare, antiquarian, second-hand, and “loanable” Goa books

The Goa Review of Books

Do you have any Goa books falling in the above categories that you might be willing to share and/or sell with other Goa Book Club members?
If so, please list them. I have quite a few Goa-related book which can be referred to at my home (or borrowed, if duplicates are available). The single-copies of these books I’m reluctant to share for obvious purposes. Older Goa books tend to be hard to find and, often, impossible to replace.

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Translations, typesetting… Konkani

The Goa Review of Books

Just to put you in touch with a young lady (who did her graduation in Konkani and is now doing her Master’s in History), who’s open to doing translations (English-Konkani) and also typesetting in Devanagari:neelamtatkar499 at gmail.com
Neelam, feel free to join the Goa Book Club. There are authors here who might need translation services. It could also whet your appetite for books related to Goa.
ADDENDA: Anwesha Singbal write:
Hi. even i would be interested in translation jobs. I have been already empanelled on the government list too. Thanks. Email: asingbal@gmail.com. Contact: 9923442746
Sunetra Jog (sunetrajog at gmail com) adds: Hi Rico, Even I am interested in translations from English to Konkani or Marathi and Devnagari typesetting also.

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The Wikipedia… Making it Happen in Konkani

Konkani Wikipedia, in incubation

As you might be aware, the Dalgado Konkani Akademi and the Centre for Internet and Society Access to Knowledge Programme (Bangalore) are jointly organising a two-day Konkani Wikipedia Workshop to promote Romi Konkani in cyberspace, and on the Wikipedia in particular.

The workshop will be held on November 16/17, 2013 at the Krishnadas Shama Central Library, Pato, Panjim. But even if you’re far from Goa, you can help take this initiative forward.
What you can do to help:
  • Get in touch, pick up suitable articles to translate into Romi Konkani.
  • Work to locate sharable articles suitable for Romi readers.
  • Share your photographs via the Wikipedia, that can feed into this effort.
  • Edit articles in Romi Konkani, if you have the skills here.
  • Encourage others to contribute and share their skills and knowledge.
  • Pass the word around specially in colleges and among students.
To participate in the workshop, contact Jose Salvador Fernandes, Secretary of the Dalgado Konkani Akademi 9881810832 or dkakademi@gmail.com
If you cannot make it to Goa or cannot join the workshop, but would like to volunteer from afar, contact me (FN, SMS 91-9822122436 or fn@goa-india.org ) and we’ll see how best we can match your skills with the needs.
It’s also possible to contribute to the Wikipedia in other languages and scripts. Build knowledge and make it happen…