Jason’s view of sports in Goa

A young cyber-friend Jason Monserrate (jasonzcrazy at yahoo.com of Santa Cruz, Goa) sent in this interesting post to Goanet recently. It’s about a field I’m quite illiterate about (or chose to be so, since my schooldays, when I was intensely hooked onto following sport): There are 4 test cricketers of Goan origin, two for India and two for Pakistan. Wallis Mathias and Antao D’Souza have both played for Pakistan in the 1950s and early 60s. Dilip Sardesai, who opened the batting for India on the West Indies tour of 1971 is Goan. Paras Mhambrey, the fast bowler, who went to … Continue reading Jason’s view of sports in Goa

Asking a question… on 18th June Road

On chat a few minutes ago, a friend in his ‘twenties was telling me something unusual. He said: “We asked 20 people on 18th June Road (Panjim’s main throughfare) on a Sunday afternoon if they could speak Konkani … Only five knew or could understand Konkani.” Like many in most Indian states, Goans too are acutely concerned about their identity. About migration. About changes taking place here. I describe myself as an “unpatriotic” Goan. An accidental Goan. One whose identity has been shaped by accidents of history (which I accept, but I’m neither terribly proud nor ashamed of). To me … Continue reading Asking a question… on 18th June Road

Goa, temples… a list

Can someone help to maintain and correct this list of temples in Goa, on the Wikipedia? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Hindu_temples? My listing came from ‘Devasthan Visheshank‘ (Special Issue on Temples) published by the Gomantak (Marathi) newspaper in June 2001. Please help weed out errors, and ommissions. Thanks! FN PS: You could also create Wikipedia pages for these temples. As far as I know, only Shantadurga (Kavlem) currently has one linked to this page. Goa * Shanta Durga temple, Kavlem * Manguesh temple, Mangueshim * Mahalsa temple, Mardol * Mahalaxmi temple, Bandora * Ramnath temple, Bandora * Naguesh temple, Kavlem * Chandreshwar Boothnath, Quepem … Continue reading Goa, temples… a list

LUGRadio, OpenMoko, and more….

[Goa Science Centre Panjim, our scenic venue] Saturday, Feb 24, 2007’s meeting at Goa Science Centre focussed on these issues: * Demo of LUGRadio programmes via a Chinese-clone of the iPod. http://www.lugradio.org/episodes.rss Feedback: difficulty in following the programmes, and a bit of “excessive laughter” on the episode we were tuned into. * Talking about devices, Arvind suggested the OpenMoko phone http://www.openmoko.com/ Notice to Developers: If you are interested in developing Free Software applications for the OpenMoko platform, please send information regarding embedded Linux projects you have contributed to, and the work you have done to coreteam@openmoko.org We had some hardware … Continue reading LUGRadio, OpenMoko, and more….

Grumble, grumble, grumble….

Goa’s Dabolim airport (above) has a non-existant public transport system. You can’t get a bus from the airport to, say, the state-capital or the nearest towns. (Unless you jump on a crowded ‘local’ minibus outside the airport.) And, don’t believe that ‘official advice’ to pay taxis by the meter. Meters largely are non-existent. Anyway, despite this, I just felt like sharing a couple of photos from the airport recently. Any official reading this out there? Travellers to and from Goa (including the local population!) needs better transport infrastructure. technorati tags:goa, airport, dabolim, india, travel, transport, travel-infrastructure Blogged with Flock Continue reading Grumble, grumble, grumble….

For Saligao, a neat re-done children’s library…

The Saligao Institute [1] is now the properly inaugurated home to the Frank Simoes Children’s Library, that got inaugurated on Feb 24, 2007 at 5 pm sharp, at a function well attended by locals, a number of literary personalities, expat residents of Goa, artistes, and prominent citizens from across the state. Besides Saligao-based Dayanita Singh [2] photographing the event, the small institute premises was this evening also host to such big literary names as Vikram Seth [3]. [Wikipedia says[3]: “Vikram Seth, born June 20, 1952 is an Indian poet, novelist, travel writer, librettist, children’s writer, biographer and memoirist…. Having lived … Continue reading For Saligao, a neat re-done children’s library…

Thrilled, but…

I’m thrilled with Derek Cordeiro’s writing skills, as reflected in his blog. In a way, I could see myself as a mentor, a status he himself conferred on me vide this post titled “Be a flockstar”. It’s a status I would gladly accept, having seen Derek grow and go from close quarters over the past three, or was it four or five, years? It would be immodest if I didn’t say here that most of the things he learnt, I don’t know about myself. So that makes me a mentor-by-accident. It was just by reading tonnes of magazines, trying out … Continue reading Thrilled, but…