Communiations law…a book

Here’s one book I would be interested in: Communications Law in India, has just been published by LexisNexis India.  The book analyzes the legal and regulatory framework for telecom, broadcasting, and cable services in India (including the Internet). Although this is principally a legal book, I’ve tried to write it in a clear and accessible manner.  Therefore, I hope its audience will not be restricted to only lawyers.  It took me about six years to complete this project given my other work commitments.  But, during that time, I greatly benefitted from the news, views, insights, and opinions that were shared on this listserv.  So, … Continue reading Communiations law…a book

Stuck on Goa?

“I’m stuck writing on Goa again,” I complained to a friend. “How come?” Well… to cut a long story… that’s where I am. So don’t be surprised with what you see in posts after this. But I promise this is only going to be temporarily. Writing on IT is more fun, more positive, and perhaps addictive too! technorati tags:writing, journalism, Goa Blogged with Flock Continue reading Stuck on Goa?


If you’re wondering what the picture below is doing on my blog… it’s Riza‘s drawing, and was meant to go on her blog. By accident, I posted it to mine (using the browser, which automates a whole lot of blog postings). What the heck… if dads can place their kiddy drawings on their office space, then this could remain here, I guess 🙂 technorati tags:Riza Blogged with Flock Continue reading Temple?