Bookworm…. at Panjim

Yesterday, when I took Riza (“amost 10”) over Bookworm, Sujata Noronha (no relative) buttonholed me and re-asked about setting up a blog. Feeling guilty, because VM and me had been discussing the possibility of a website for them for some time now, I tried something that might help to get started. WordPress (because it’s Free Software) is my favourite blogging software. So I grabbed their comp, and helped to set up a rudimentary blog of sorts. Check it out here. Later in the night, during my nocturnal hours, added some of the posts that Bookworm has been sending to my … Continue reading Bookworm…. at Panjim

Learning, teaching, learning… Free Software

At the August 2008 GNU/LUG (GNU/Linux Users’ Group) meet in Miramar, Goa, participants share knowledge and ideas about Stellarium, the astronomical free software product. An example of how teaching and learning, and the sharing of useful knowledge, happens at a Free/Libre and Open Source Software network. Check it out. Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: software, GNU/Linux, ilug-goa, miramar, goa, india, software skills, learning models Continue reading Learning, teaching, learning… Free Software

Educational power points….

Friends at Sangath pointed to this site, that contains tonnes of educational presentations (Power Points, mostly). Check it out: Pete’s Power Point Station. It describes itself thus: “Free presentations in PowerPoint format, and free interactive activities for kids.” Links to resources in language, arts, math, science, social studies, seasonal and special themes, reading and writing, art music drama and dance, plants and animals, health and safety, abc’s fairy tales, physical education, geography, nutrition and the food pyramid, three branches of government, reading comp, countries and continents and regions, adhd and special need kids, rhyming words and confusing words, parts … Continue reading Educational power points….

Taking sharing to the classroom

The case for Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FOSS) in schools … this is a paper I put together for IOSN (International Open Source Network, South Asia) in Chennai. It was a learning experience working on it. You can read or download the whole paper from here: A quote: In the text above, one is presented with more than just hints of thevaried and many possibilities that FOSS opens up for schools in South Asia.There is clearly a profusion of tools available, which needs to beadequately exploited. As of now, however, the lack of easy-to-access FOSS skills could cause … Continue reading Taking sharing to the classroom

Computer education for rural kids riddled with obstacles

By Frederick Noronha There are plans afoot to computerise thousands of rural schools across India, attended mainly by poor children. But where is the software that is suitable for use in these schools? —————————————————————- WHY IS it easier for Indian school students to use the computer to study the geography of the United States, rather than know the states of their own country better? What is the fate of students in non-English schools who want to learn how to use computers optimally? In a word, are we producing suitable software to cope with the needs of our own schools? These … Continue reading Computer education for rural kids riddled with obstacles