Poverty, altruism, Babajob.com etc

Belatedly, came across this interesting October 2007 NYT post: “In Redmond, you don’t see 7-year-olds begging on the street,” said Sean Blagsvedt, Babajob’s founder, referring to Microsoft’s headquarters in Washington State, where he once worked. “In India, you can’t escape the feeling that you’re really lucky. So you ask, What are you going to do about all the stuff around you? How are you going to use all these skills?” Perhaps for less altruistic reasons, but often with positive results for the poor, corporations have made India a laboratory for extending modern technological conveniences to those long deprived. Nokia, for … Continue reading Poverty, altruism, Babajob.com etc

Twitter… not just what-I’m-doing

Trying to “repurpose” my Twitter page to focus on technology links from India and parts of South Asia. Wonder if it would work… See http://twitter.com/fn Actually, Twitter.com is a micro-blogging site, where in 140 characters one is tempted to say what one’s doing at the moment. (“Ate Thai for dinner!”) But why can’t it be used for other purposes too? Continue reading Twitter… not just what-I’m-doing


E-ASIA 2008

Upcoming event: e-asia2008 – Asia’a ICT Event. 25-27 November, 2008. Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. http://www.www.e-asia.org Other related websites: http://www.i4donline.net


telecentre.org, a global community of people committed for improving the capacity and sustainability of community
telecentres around the world, announced the telecentre.org academy Curriculum Commons Grant of Rs 50 lakh (USD 125,000) for improving the quality and standard of grassroots knowledge workers, commonly referred to as telecentre

telecentre.org is a collaborative social investment program initiated by Canada’s International Development Research
Centre (IDRC), Microsoft Corporation Pvt Ltd and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). Continue reading “BYTESFORALL :: AUGUST-END 2008”