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To contact: Frederick Noronha, 784, Near Lourdes Convent, Saligao 403511 Bardez Goa India. Phone +91-832-2409490 or +91-9970157402 or +91-9822122436.


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  1. Please take a look at
    an international declaration initiated by shops and international artists in Berlin

    If you would like to have your name added to the list please reply to this e-mail
    send name or name of organisation – work or activity – city/country – and a
    website address if you like

    Thank you very much
    Heinrich Buecker
    Coop Cafe, Berlin, Rochstr.3

    War is illegal

    Against a background of escalating ecological crises, and the fact that large
    parts of the world´s population are being exposed to extreme poverty, inhuman
    working conditions and increasing social tensions, the annual global military
    expenditure has risen to more than 1000 billion dollars.
    The military-industrial complex of just a few G8 countries is responsible for
    the overwhelming part of this spending, causing incalcuable social and
    ecological consequences.

    Unequal distribution of global resources, increasingly controlled by large
    multinational companies, global debt policy and unfair international trading
    practices ultimately could not be maintained without military security. In many
    countries the military is used to repress critical opposition.

    The terror attacks of September 11, 2001 are increasingly used to justify
    systematic surveillance and the dismantling of constitutional rights. Even
    European countries have helped to establish Guantanomo-like secret prisons,
    where torture in all probability takes place.

    Iraq was attacked based on falsified evidence causing the death of hundreds of
    thousands of people, widespread destruction, destabilization and contamination
    with cancer-causing depleted uranium munitions.
    Now plans to attack Iran and the possibility of a new World War have been made
    public, meeting resistance even from moderate elements within the military due
    to the unforeseeable consequences.

    Faced with the choice between a war, that according to some western leaders,
    will last for many years or a possible peaceful transformation we support the
    following demands:

    1) Impeachment proceedings against US President Bush and US Vice President
    Cheney before the 2008 election, a demand raised in solidarity with large parts
    of the US public and some members of US Congress. Furthermore prosecution by the
    International Court of Justice of G. W. Bush, R. Cheney and other officials from
    various countries for waging wars of aggression contrary to international law
    and committing crimes against humanity.

    2) International investigation of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. They
    are used as the central justification for the “War on Terror”, but well
    documented evidence shows that the official explanation of 9/11 cannot be
    correct. International personalities in science, politics, and culture,
    including high-ranking military veterans, have called for a new investigation.

    3) Immediate military withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq, and no attack
    against Iran. International prohibition of war as a means of conflict
    resolution. Military intervention and export of weapons should be criminalized.
    In a civilized society torture must be prohibited in any form.

    4) Conversion of military industries to civilian purposes and the development of
    ecological and sustainable energy resources. According to the UN environmental
    agency, a fraction of the annual global defence expenditure could ensure that
    all humans have access to clean water and a basic supply of food and healthcare.

    This statement is based on a commitment to non-violence and tolerance of all
    ethnic groups and religions. Two devastating World Wars and historical
    catastrophes like the Nazi Holocaust must always remind us of the worst
    consequences of nationalism, racism and incitement to war.

    Sign this statement, pass it on, whatever we can do. It is up to us.

    more than 2000 signatories :

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  3. Hello Frederick,

    I am a writer from Argentina and I am researching all I can for my next novel. Part of it is in Goa, end of the XVIII century. Any materials you could recommend particularly on the life of Portuguese women who settled in the colony.
    Much appreciated.

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  6. Dear Frederick

    i have read on your blog about article the Goans in Mozambique by Karnik Sharmila. COuld you please send me the article?
    Isabel Abreu

  7. Hi Frederick I am here in Goa with my family, Manish and Kriti. We r staying at Alila Diwa, near Majorda. I would love to meet u. We have hired a scooter and r mobile.

    We r here until Friday morning. My cell number is 9990111454. Manish cell is 9810194108. It’s been such a long time. Wld love to catch up. Warmly, Aasha

  8. Greetings
    This is to be a part of your production team. I have just completed my graduation with a little in house experience of script writing, directing and editing my productions. I would like to learn and work with you people. If given a chance I will work with dedication and pour in my hard work.

    Waitinf for reply
    Thanking you
    Kriti Bansal

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