Sangolda… under the axe?

Sangolda is a scenic village in Bardez, probably equidistant from both state-capital Panjim and the commercial town of Mapusa. For long, like other parts of the ‘Old Conquests’ (the longer-held Portuguese former colonies), many in this village have been migrating far and wide (including globally) to earn a living. But now, with Goa becoming a hot centre for real-estate speculation and second- or third-homes for the affluent, there are pressures on this land too. Says Goa’s just-out Draft Regional Plan for Goa-2021: “Then there are the ‘second homes’ which are much in demand by people from other parts of India, … Continue reading Sangolda… under the axe?

A CD on Goa….

My former colleague and friend, Niraj Naik, has come out with “Goa’s first comprehensive data bank on (a) multimedia CD”. It promises to explore all facets of Goa, with the largest compilation of photographs and information. It is an “ideal gift for students” and a “treasure trove for students, teachers, tourists, NRGs (non-resident Goans) and Goa enthusiasts” says the cover of the CD. It is priced at Rs 99 and comes from Unfortunately, the CD runs only on Windows (.exe file) while my comp runs on GNU/Linux (Free Software)…. Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: goa, india, cds, resources, … Continue reading A CD on Goa….

Needed: volunteer translators

Needed volunteers who can translate old Portuguese texts into English, for possible republication, including Arte Palmarica. See If you can help in any way, please get in touch. Also, needed volunteers to help put online, the digital versions of copyright-expired Goa-related books. FN, … publishing Goa, not accidentally Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: goa, books, translations, digitising Continue reading Needed: volunteer translators

Goans, one overseas community

A blog on a community of expat Goans: Just a single post though.  And a link to the Asian Chaplaincy, here This page takes me to some other expat Goan links: BMX Canada, Casa de Goa in Lisbon (Portugal), Edmonton Goan Association, Goan Overseas Association in Toronto, Goan Overseas Association in Victoria-Australia, Goan Overseas Association-Sydney, Goans of Mumbai, Goaday, MelGoans-Australia, Youth For Goa.In Some seem to have only skeletal info, probably created to build links and info in the future about these themes. Blogged with the Flock Browser Continue reading Goans, one overseas community

Konkani, with a Romi and Bardeshi touch

Reviewed by Frederick Noronha One problem with books in Goa is that you never know when a new one is published. Obviously, book reviewing is a task not done very much seriousness here (except for a few publications like Goa Today). While castigating others, this reviewer also needs to accept blame for some long delays sometimes. This very title, for instance. That it is a labour of love is no excuse for not getting it done on time! Reviewing Edward de Lima ‘Spoken Konkani: A Self-Learning Guide’ 2006 cannot be an easy job. He’s an agreeable person, one you couldn’t … Continue reading Konkani, with a Romi and Bardeshi touch