The editor-journo relationship

Some views I presented in some corner of cyberspace:

The editor-writer relationship is a crucial one, close yet fraught with misunderstandings.

Before burning bridges, we need to evaluate carefully whether it’s worth it.

Personally, I would prefer to keep quiet when something doesn’t work, rather than to come across as someone who is “complicated to work with”.

There *are no* standards to go by, more so when we try to span different worlds — the commercial and the non-commercial, India and North America, Goa and her diaspora, print and cyberspace.

The approach that works for me is to try and be flexible with my editors. (I hope writers treat me similarly when I don the editorial cap occasionally. With writers, I try to be accomodative, and to pay them with gratitude and feedback when I can’t do so with money.) If things turn too bad, then I would follow the Biblical dictum of wiping the dust of my feet and moving on. (Look who’s quoting….)

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