Eight-column battles… on language

Don’t trust religion-based and language-based battles in Goa. These are clearly made to get you fighting, without resolving anything of significance. Now with the tug-of-war over implementing English-as-a-subject in Standard I, various sections of the media are up to their tricks again. Sections of the Marathi media are up with the ‘Marathi in danger’ battlecry. Some newspapers have been carrying eight-column banner headlines about fairly boring items, that keep the issue on the boil nonetheless. It helps strengthen one’s believe that politicians and the press are the two main forces that provoke communal sentiments in Goa. Continue reading Eight-column battles… on language

A thousand-and-one ideas (almost) … on sharing knowledge

When I last ran into Heather Ford, the setting was almost Paradise. But with a twist. It was scenic part of Africa, where her roommate encountered a hotel-room theft and some participants (of AfricaSource2) got badly sick after swimming in the amazingly beautiful Lake Victoria and battling unseen mosquitoes. Heather handed across a book which throws up a thousand-and-one fascinating ideas, and many mixed feelings, as did my first encounter with Africa. ‘The African Digital Commons: A Participant’s Guide 2005’ is co-authored by Heather and Chris Armstrong. This 78-page book comes from the Link Centre at Johannesburg’s Wits University, and … Continue reading A thousand-and-one ideas (almost) … on sharing knowledge