Going Dutch in cyberspace, researching India (25 years ago)… etc

Patrice Riemens from the Netherlands has his own understanding of issues of technology and society… Here he talks about the role the Dutch have played in cyberspace (and why), and his research in India on multinationals coming out of here even a quarter of a century ago! Continue reading Going Dutch in cyberspace, researching India (25 years ago)… etc

Sandra Sudhoff… on mapping Sandra Sudhoff is from CartONG. This organisation delivers “assistance for information management and mapping in the field”. Its main partner is the UNHCR. Says she, “We have worked on the Google Outreach project and created a Google layer in collaboration with UNHCR to present some of their humanitarian projects in a pilot phase. Next phase is scheduled to kick off in 2009. Continue reading

A small bookshop from Baga Last week, I ran into Jay-Jay’s, a second-hand bookshop run by Nairobi-born Bosco and his wife. “We started it a few years back, with a little bit of reject stock from the Mandovi (hotel bookshop). It was something the foreigners looked forward to. We grew from then,” says Bosco. “The bookshop has been our pride,” says Bosco, who also runs a restaurant too. What makes it special, he believes, is the type of books: books which are popular among Europeans. “We have quite a few books that you don’t get in Goa,” he says of … Continue reading