Nandinho … the rough cut

Thanks to my priest-musician friend Joaquim Loiola Pereira, I got a copy of of Saudades do Nandinho just this evening. Have been tuned into it for the last hundred minutes or so… and did it bring back memories! The Sixties were a strange time in Goa. My folks had returned home (from Brazil) just then. But they soon realised that “their home” they had returned to, was a confusing and fast-changing place. Jobs were scarce. Electricity was still to reach the villages, including ours! Bizarre things (since these were then, still, largely uncomprehensible) were happening on the political front. It … Continue reading Nandinho … the rough cut

An orchestra, violin and guitar… in cyberspace (and on CD)

Goa Guitar Guild is a network run by Rui Lobo and friends. Rui recently passed on a copy of the recordings from their GGG International Musik Fest. Held earlier in 2008 (March), it was described as “an Indo-German confluence” and included the performances of the Goa State Symphony Orchestra. The latter was conducted by Prof. Ulf Klausenitzer and showcased soloist from Goa, the young and talented Sanya Myla Cotta. You’ll find some recordings of the event on my youtube page, Or go directly here: Another cd contains recordings of the David Menezes National Violin Competition 2008, … Continue reading An orchestra, violin and guitar… in cyberspace (and on CD)

Sitars, scanners … and sounds

My comp’s desktop is a mess currently. So many tools open, trying to do so many jobs… at the same time… but there’s a reason for it…. There’s the Xsane scanning software opened. Two browsers (Firefox and Flock aka The Social Browser. The latter is something that makes blogging a very easy task). There’s Sound Juicer, the music-playing software of my GNU/Linux Ubuntu distro. And the usual other things… Evolution for email, a Nautilus file-browser, another Wikipedia page, a dozen or so bookmarked to read via Whizz RSS the intersting Inter-Press Service stories coming in from the region I still … Continue reading Sitars, scanners … and sounds

Raw deal for Goa’s musical talent…

Colin D’Cruz is a musician one ran into by accident. It stemmed out of a review of a Limca Book of Indian Records, and an error while mentioning his background. Colin got in touch, and that led to some more stories. Including one about this interesting Latino-Goan band called Obligato, of which I just managed to find a cached story. [File photo alongside shows Colin, second from right, along with Julius (extreme right, on keyboards), and visiting British Salsa dancers appreciating music of Obligato.] Later, Colin did a concert for Daniel Pearl, the journalist slain in Pakistan. He’s been touring … Continue reading Raw deal for Goa’s musical talent…