Simputer: fines… for the cops

This story from INDIA TODAY, titled “Street Smart: Fine collection doubles to Rs 72 lakh as Simputers make traffic management hassle-free for cops” is about how policemen in Bangalore, South India, are using the GNU/Linux-based Simputer to tighten their fine-collection system. Sad but true: amidst all the Indian lack of official support, hardward challenges, and delay, the goal of the Simputer (of empowering the common citizen) is taking more time to become a reality (if it does). But meanwhile, the law of unintended consequences is getting into play. Google will tell you a lot about the Simputer’s deployment in the … Continue reading Simputer: fines… for the cops

Media hype hits poultry biz hard, says Pawar

Would the Gomantak Times agree? Remember how many headlines the SARS created some time back? Maybe some journalists benefitted from this; but SARS seems to have had less of an impact than, say, malaria. 🙂 FN Economy Media hype hits poultry biz hard, says Pawar New Delhi, Feb 21 The media has exaggerated the extent of the outbreak, contributing to a steep decline in poultry sales, agriculture minister Sharad Pawar told reporters in New Delhi on Tuesday. “I am afraid that the rural economy may be hit because of this coverage,” Mr Pawar said. Chicken prices fell 42% on … Continue reading Media hype hits poultry biz hard, says Pawar

FLOSS… and in-sourcing

An interesting perspective: A case for Indian insourcing: Open Source interest in IT job expansion by Casey O’Donell Abstract The controversy surrounding the “off–shoring” of IT jobs from the United States to other countries, in particular to India, has become a focal point in American political discourse and has been widely represented in the media. Disturbingly, little attention has been paid to this occurrence beyond its implications for American employment opportunities. Representing Indian and American IT workers as unified groups whose interests are mutually exclusive and opposed to one another is problematic given the material realities that propel “outsourcing.” … Continue reading FLOSS… and in-sourcing

Sunday papers… some Goa links

While visiting Uganda, where daily newspapers are priced the equivalent of 50 US cents (about 1000 Ugandan shillings), it suddenly struck me how inexpensive and affordable Indian newspapers are. A paper here costs Rs 2-3 on a weekday (under 10 cents US) and about Rs 5 on a weekend. But papers that are advertisement-driven can be a bit (or more) reader-unfriendly at time. One compromise is the Sunday newspapers, and most outstation weekend-editions tend to have a fair amount of interesting reading material. My joke on myself was that the Sunday Deccan Herald used to be a very readable product… … Continue reading Sunday papers… some Goa links

Saligao site…

Kindly visit a new site on Saligao — Derek Cordeiro recommended CivicSpace (based on Drupal) and it works great. We can unleash the power of GNU/Linux and Free Software by demonstrating to people how easy and useful it can be in real-life! If you know of anyone who’d like to build a village site, do get in touch. My dream is to have a lot of villages and schools from Goa in cyberspace. But to make that happen, we need a lot of volunteers. It would probably also help the local society if more people took to expressing themselves … Continue reading Saligao site…

There’s a bomb in your shopping bag!

S Gasper D’Souza of the Navhind Times has put up a photo exhibition at the currently underway ‘Gagged by the Bag’ event, on at the Municipal Garden in Panjim. Gasper writes: “The garbage problem does not begin in the dumps. It begins in your shopping bag! Each time you go shopping, you are adding to the city’s garbage. With cities bursting at the seams with increasing population [actually, with overconsumption really –FN], the waste being generated each day is simply too much for the limited space available. A day will dawn (and it has, for some cities) when we will … Continue reading There’s a bomb in your shopping bag!

Gender is FLOSSIble? Good news from Uganda…

Milton Aineruhanga <> informs us that after the recent Africa Source 2 event (see their mailing list at ) the Linux Chix Africa- Uganda chapter was born. Milton writes: “It is now in existence and is seeking membership from women in Uganda. The targeted audience is decision makers, end users as well as women computer technicians. The primary focus of Linux Chix Africa- Uganda chapter will be FOSS [Free/Libre and Open Source Software] and women in Uganda. The chapter seeks to advocate for the use of FOSS by women at all levels i.e. both the urban and the rural … Continue reading Gender is FLOSSIble? Good news from Uganda…