FN’s blog… some random thoughts

FN is a journalist based in Goa, India, interested in themes that are linked to ICT-for-development, Goa, books, development issues, documentary film, environmental concerns, and the media.

4 thoughts on “FN’s blog… some random thoughts

  1. Hi Frederick,

    I stumbled on your blog and figured you will probably be able to help me out with my project.

    My name is Veena. I am orginally from Goa but I am currently working in Mumbai. My family however still resides in Goa.

    I am working on a project with a friend and we are currently looking for folk lore/ folk tales from all across India. Would you by any chance know of any folk tale from Goa? Something popularly told in any of the Goan villages (non -religious) or maybe something related to the ocean/beach.

    I also noticed that you’re from Saligao so is my mom. Small world indeed not sure if you know the Cordeiro family in Saligao, its the corner house with two lions statues at the gate. That’s the house my mom is from.

    If you know of some interesting folk tales pl reach out to me. My contact details below:
    Email: veenadacosta@gmail.com


    Veena Da Costa

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