A rich tapestry of history, clothing and passionate prose

Book Cover:  http://bit.ly/ModaGoa

A stunning collection of photographs and illustrations, interwoven with the stories of people and events that shaped Goa, this book documents, for the very first time, the unique history of Goan costume.

In this, his tribute to Goa, Wendell Rodricks studies the factors that shaped Goa’s distinct garment style. From Buddhist drapes that carried forward the elaborate style of later Hindu costume, to the fine brocade coats of the Muslim Tughlaq rulers; from the Portuguese invaders who had to improvise their traditional Renaissance dress to suit the hot Konkan climate to the Western-style dresses of the newly converted Goan Catholics, Goans are what they are today because of the many peoples and cultures that touched their land. It was inGoa that the first ever Indo-Western garments evolved.

Different faiths, tribes and foreign cultures coloured the Goan clothing heritage, creating a style that is a unique blend of international aesthetic and Indian emotion.

Wendell Rodricks places this history of Goan costume in the spotlight with an archive that has never been researched before. Through illustrations by European travellers, a wealth of photographs by Mark Sequeira and India’s finest fashion photographers, and access to the fine clothing and jewellery of Goans, Wendell Rodricks makes a debut as author to reveal a rich tapestry of history, clothing and passionate prose, taking the reader to the beauty and backwaters of India’s golden state.

As Sathya Saran says, ‘[This book brings together] all the years of being a casual writer of serious articles to a head, putting his discipline and knowledge, and his love of his craft and his region to good use, creating for posterity a document that generations of students and readers can find inspiration from.’

Wendell Rodricks has put the tiny Indian state of Goa firmly on the fashion map. Establishing his own label in 1990, he moved to his ancestral village in Goa in 1993, creating memorable collections each season, inspired by many emotions. Known as India’s guru of minimalism, he gave the country resort wear, minimalism and ecofriendly clothing before the words were coined. He has written for many periodicals and books, has lectured on world costume History for eight years, interned at museums in Lisbon and New York and has been researching the history of Goan costume for eleven years. This is his first book.

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