Art… from the heart

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Work of Clarice Vaz (Brian Vaz’s wife) who says: “After a tremendous response and sale of all my paintings in April this year, I was encouraged towards taking up painting full-time. It allowed me to relax totally and transported me into a new magical world of creativity.”Calangute scene

She has been doing abstracts (see above) and feels it gives scope to “express my innermost thoughts and feelings”. (Readers would recall that Clarice and Brian’s elder son passed away of a heart ailment while completing his engineering education, and her work is devoted to their son Craig.

Art from SaligaoClarice (+91-9527528285 or does what she calls “fluid painting”. She explains: “I try to work the colours and allow them to flow into a pattern I can perceive. Here, variation in colour, form and texture interact to make an interesting composition — similar to poetry in colour.”

Among the works visible above are the four-piece Mackeral Sky — Baga Sunset; Goan Flaour; September Flowers; Nirbhaya; Stillness and Energy; the Mae de Deus Saibin and three untitled paintings.

Canada-based Saligaocar artist Mel D’Souza has been giving her an encouraging nudge and more… and Africa-born Clarice (who grew up in Moira and St Mary’s) has often appreciated that help!

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