Derek Antao

Someone on Facebook accused me of being an expert on Derek Antao. The name didn’t ring a bell.

A Google search later, I found this link to a reply I had sent (second-hand info, again) to Hartman De Souza on a thread started by Augusto Pinto: lists this book, but it’s currently “out of print, limited availability” Give us this day a black sheep [Unknown Binding] Derek Antao (Author)

In case you were wondering, Hartman explained:

QUOTE: Derek Antao was a legendary English teacher at SIES College, Mumbai, and a well known playwright of the late 60s and early 70s whose plays were published in a little theatre journal coming out of Delhi, called Enact. I would appreciate some information on Derek Antao and a chance to stage a retrospective of his plays. ENDQUOTE

This is from the OPENLIBRARY:

Derek Antao 1936 – 2002: Derek Antao, dramatist, retired as Head of the Department of English, SIES College of Arts and Science, University of Mumbai, in 1996. Author of 14 plays, of which one has been published by the Writers Workshop (Give Us This Day Our Black Sheep) and Acushla, was published in the magazine Enact. His plays include Requiem For a Professor, Rock a Bye My Broken Doll, Vannakam Appa, And Then – Diwali, Let There Be Light, Cogito Ergo Sum, Yellow Fever, College I see You as an Open Mouth, Tabula Rasa, Autumn Serenade and Faria.Most of these plays, except the two published ones cited above exist only as Manuscripts. A Brief Review of some of his plays has appeared in the Journal of the School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies (JSL), Spring 2007.

Zafar Karachiwala of Cuffe Parade, Mumbai lists this work in his online cv: “And Then Divali” – (Nishikant Wagle). Written by Derek Antao, produced and directed by Hima Devi (1993).

The person who wrote to me said, “i am working on a list on post independence indian playwrights in english and am looking for details on derek antao.”

If you, or anyone you know, might have further information on Derek Antao, please send it across, and I’d be only too glad to share it with others. Strangely, my book collection of Goa-related titles carries no trace (as far as I know) of Derek Antao. But then, I also cannot be charged with being knowledgeable about the world of theatre! —FN

PS: Do you know of any other playwrights from Goa, who wrote in English?

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