Googlegroups, Yahoogroups or Facebook

In my view, both Googlegroups and Yahoogroups are almost as good. I used to favour Yahoogroups first, then took to Google and have now been involved with the launch of Mailman is the right choice, it’s Free Software. But you need to be able to administer it and have a fast-enough server.

Of the earlier two, each has one or two advantages. Yahoo has a add-10 addresses a day limit. But Googlegroups will block you if you add too many. Don’t worry, not much differences between the two.

Facebook (which is getting a lot of groups-like features these days) is good too. But, at best, it can supplement a Yahoo/Googlegroup. I don’t think Facebook is good enough as a stand-alone option, because it is easy to ignore (the discussions are less interactive, people can just be on the ‘group’ but not active).

In a word, go for either Googlegroup/Yahoogroup and take Facebook to supplement. Or Mailman if you can.

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