From the tiny riverside village of Pomburpa, along the Bardez (Goa) coast, Vamona Navelcar tells his story of his work and his art. He has been based in Mozambique, Portugal and Goa, and has held individual exhibitions in Lisbon, Mampula, London, Geneva, Lourenço Marques, Goa, Macau, among other places. His works are exhibited at museums, government offices and in private collections in India, Maputo, Beira, Quelimane, Nampula, Lisboã, Abrantes, Amação de Pera, Braga, Porto, Coimbra, Rio de Janeiro, Porta Alegre, Brasilia, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Geneve, Stockholm, Macau, New Jersey, Helsinki, New Castle, Tokyo, Rijeka, Washington, Paris, Bonn, St John (Canada),Seoul, Sofia, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Cyprus and Madrid… Contact the artist at: Esvonta Building, Rua Bragança Pereira, Sta. Inez, 403001 Panjim Goa Phone +92-832-2995225


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