A small bookshop from Baga

Last week, I ran into Jay-Jay’s, a second-hand bookshop run by Nairobi-born Bosco and his wife. “We started it a few years back, with a little bit of reject stock from the Mandovi (hotel bookshop). It was something the foreigners looked forward to. We grew from then,” says Bosco. “The bookshop has been our pride,” says Bosco, who also runs a restaurant too. What makes it special, he believes, is the type of books: books which
are popular among Europeans. “We have quite a few books that you don’t get in Goa,” he says of his 2000-title strong collection. “We don’t want to overstock because people get confused, so we mostly select (popular books from) the top bracket.” Their books include non-fiction (guide, biographies and autobiographies, true-stories), French, German, Swedish books. Says he: “We are dealing with tourists.” Their model is interesting. They buy second-hand books, from the tourist, and sell them also to the tourists. When you buy the book, you’re free to return it back, and you get half the price.Virtually a library, without the danger of losing books.


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