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Teacher Plus is a real interesting venture. This is a “magazine for the contemporary teacher” brought out by Sparks-India and brought out by Sparks-India, Plot 48 (Cellar, Padma Kamalam Apts, Krishnapuri Colony, West Maredpally, Secunderabad 500026 Ph 040-2780 7039. Subscription for a three year period costs just Rs 675, and I was glad I subscribed recently.

Sparks-India calls itself “a publisher dedicated to improving the quality of teaching in India”. It offers printed and other teacher-training material, and children’s books for the class and out-of-class for the “true educational experience”.

Today, they sent me a list of good books from various publishers that they distribute to schools. “Most of these titles have been read and assessed by our team of educationists, and found useful in teaching-learning.” Their website is at and can be contacted via email on

Among  the books offered on their list are titles in English and Telugu, in wide diversity. There were some 1053 titles on the list I received. (Maybe they could put this list online, to make it more sharable.) I’m sure there would be some good titles here. Indian publishing is growing fast these days…. which is a good sign.

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts on … Teacher Plus

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