Malini Krishnakutty… an overview on contemporary planning in Goa

A very nice Goanet Reader article from Malini Krishnakutty, titled The plan that awakened Goa: moving from protest to a vision that touches on contemporary (and a lack-of-vision) issues in contemporary Goa.

She explains:

         On January 18, 2007, the Goa government denotified
         Regional Plan 2011 (for short, referred to as RP
         2011). It thus gave in to public opposition to the
         Plan that had been mounting since its notification
         in August 2006. This was a significant victory
         because it awakened people to their surroundings
         and gave them the feeling that they can influence
         what happens to their land.

The plan was opposed because it wished to alter land uses in
the State significantly without taking people into confidence
about its intentions. The Revised Draft Regional Plan was
published on 22nd November 2005 and suggestions and
objections were invited from the public who were given a mere
three weeks till 15 December 2005 to do so.

Some other links: 


Access online:

RPG21: Draft Regional Plan for Goa 2021
Task Force for the Regional Plan for Goa 2021

313-page report, with tables etc...

Video: Jason Keith Fernandes: Issues From the Heart of Concrete
23 Sep: You Tube. Frederick Noronha interviews Jason Keith Fernandes,
academic and activist. He dwells on the issues of concrete
monstrosities springing up in the heart of Goa, the impact they have
on lifestyle and the total lack of infrastructural planning to sustain
this sort of urbanization. 10m. 16s. Click here.


This article was first published in PARMAL, the interesting journal of the Goa Heritage Action Group…

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