Cameras for a Cause :: Our rationale. V 1.0 23 September 2008

More about this group:

Cameras for a Cause (C-FAC) is a volunteer network, meant to share photography (and sometimes videography) skills with campaigners, citizens, not-for-profits and anyone undertaking work for positive social change on the planet.

1. By “positive social change”, we refer to those working on issues of environment, labour, conservation, education, development, IT-for-change any other such issues. We leave it open to each volunteer to define what they see as a “good cause”, and to offer their support to the same.

2. Anyone, anywhere on the planet with access to a camera and a suitable level of photography skills, can volunteer to sign-up here. The network was however started out of Goa, India in September 2008.

3. Each volunteer needs to give out sufficient details of their offer for volunteer help (form below), their skill level, time and travel-hours willing to commit to each project, and restrictions on their ability to help, if any.

4. As an organisation we neither seek nor solicit funds. Work is based purely on voluntarism. Rules may be changed in future, depending on the needs of the group, while ensuring to be fair to all concerned. Entry is open to all, and members are free to leave the group if they so choose. Members are encouraged to invite other socially committed lensmen (and women) to join this network.

5. Cameras for a Cause believes in, and supports, sharable licensing for their work. We are influenced by the power of sharable knowledge and creative work (as seen from the Free Software movement, the Creative Commons, the Wikipedia, etc). We encourage associated photographers to share their work with a Creative Commons or other suitable license.

6. Our volunteers do not expect to be paid for their work. Under some circumstances, travel cost and modest refreshments (if applicable) may be appreciated. In case the work involves
a project spanning many days, or travel beyond home base, and the organisation concerned has funds to cover photography, you could consider offering a honorarium to our volunteers.
This may be worked out directly with the photographer concerned. Keep in mind that some of our volunteers are freelancers, and revenues earned might help make their overall photography operations viable to help to cross-subsidise the photography of other good causes.

7. This network has two levels of membership: photographer-volunteer and general-volunteer. The latter are those who may not currently have the photography skills, but are willing to help this venture in other ways (spreading the word, administrative functions, publicity, etc).



Contact details (phone, mobile, address):
Type of work: Still / Moving / Photo Story / Audio / Multiple

Cameras used
Digital (details):
Traditional photography:
Web videography:
Others (details):

Offering services to (specify types of causes you prefer to
work with):
Area within which willing to work:
Notice period needed:
Time-slots available for volunteer work:
May decline to undertake project if (specific circumstances):
Photographic experience:
Examples of volunteer (or NGO) work undertaken:
Expect to be paid/reimbursed (Yes or No, with details):

More about this group:

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4 thoughts on “Cameras for a Cause :: Our rationale. V 1.0 23 September 2008

  1. I would love to be a general volunteer, and help in any way.I do not possess skills required to be a photographer, but I would like to help for this beautiful and poetic cause. I am an educationist by profession, and a writer and poet by choice.


    Ananya S Guha.

  2. Hi,
    Great initiative ! Would love to contribute, but why oh why do you want me to create a ‘Facebook’ account? (I do know that for most of ‘groups’ one will have to sign up, but would rather expect a ‘photography’ related forum like Flickr, less questionable than Facebook (look up ‘facebook criticism’ in wikipedia)
    Thanks and good luck

  3. Hi,

    Its a great idea, but I have to agree with the other comments its pretty annoying to have to sign up for a facebook account, to find out more.
    Is Cameras for a Cause only for facebook users?
    Why not set up a free wordpress blog or try ning for free social networking
    then you can avoid all the crap that makes facebook so annoying.

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