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Tania Pérez Bustos is a PhD student from Colombia doing fieldwork in India. Her research is on the educational and gender dimension of experiences like FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open Source Software) that aim to popularize technology. She says, “I really liked the statement in the (BytesForAll) website in which you assume a critical position towards ICT and the political context it is immersed in … unfortunately not very common.” Here, she talks about her work, and her encounter with India, Colombia, and the need for links between these disparate and distant regions.

Hate, Hindutva… and the response

A very well-argued statement, coming from Bangalore’s famed St Joseph’s College, on the Hindutva-fuelled violence against Christians in parts (Orissa, coastal Karnataka) of India. It does seem to place the issue in wider context. Check out the entire article here Goanet Reader: Hate and anger won’t bring votes … (an open letter from St Joseph’s College, Bangalore)

Unlike the other more-visible responses, this avoids making the issue one of Hindus-versus-Christians, but posits it clearly as one of hate-versus-development.

One para that needs underlining:

          We continue to admit and provide educational
          opportunities to a wide community of educationally
          and socially backward classes, scheduled castes and
          scheduled tribes. We have thus prroduced sensitive
          and learned leaders among the Dalit and backward
          communities. We are extremely proud of students
          from subaltern communities who have turned into
          agents of radical social change. Our credentials as
          a secular and progressive institution concerned
          about the well-being of all is a truth well known
          to all.
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