Three books… from Sage


Asperger Syndrome...

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Some books that came my way, from the Sage (India) publishers:

‘Children and Youth with Asperger Syndrome: Strategies for Success in Inclusive Settings.’ By Brenda Smith Myles

For the background: “Asperger Syndrome (AS) is a disorder in the autism spectrum, and students with AS suffer from similar, though milder, symptoms as students with autism. Classroom teachers who are responsible for planning for and teaching students with AS generally have not been provided the skills and knowledge to do so. Crafting and implementing education plans for students is nearly impossible without a clear understanding of the disorder, or clearly defined instructional methods and strategies.”

This book looks at characteristics of children and youth with Asperger Syndrome, adaptation for success in general education settings, environmental modification, academic modifications, emotional and behavioral supports, social skill supports, assistive technology supports, and making each year successful — issues in transition.

Pp 170. ISBN 978-81-7829-911-2. Rs 295.

* * *

‘Autism Spectrum Disorders: Interventions and Treatments for Children and Youth’ is by Richard L Simpson.

It promises to advice “how you can best help children with autism reach their full potential”. And, we’re reminded that Autism Spectrum Disorders presents a perplexing challenge for parents and school professionals. Literally dozens of
interventions and treatments are available, so how does one know which intervention strategy works best for any given child or situation?”

It looks at interventions and treatments of varied kinds — interpersonal, skill-based, cognitive, Physiological or biological or neurological, and others.

Pp 247, ISBN 978-81-7829-912-9 Rs 350.

* * *

The third book, to come out with a Sage South Asia edition is ‘Teaching Young Children with ADHD: Successful Strategies and Practical Interventions’. It is co-authored by Richard Lougy, Silvia DeRuvo, and David Rosenthal, MD.

It promises:

  • Practical interventions to develop children’s social skills and manage classroom behaviour.
  • Suggestions for helping children with ADHD master the challenging task of writing.
  • Guidelines for recognizing appropriate and inappropriate responses to medication.
  • Recommendations for partnering with parents and families.
  • In-depth profiles of children with ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) .

For some background, check this Wikipedia page:

ISBN 978-81-7829-913-6 Rs 295

These are South Asian editions of the books. “For copyright reasons, this edition is for sale only in South Asia (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and the Maldives).”


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