Starting a GNU/Linux user group?

Sourabh Khajanchi <> who is a fifth semester engineering student in Bhopal, wrote in to say, “I am starting a Linux User Group in my college…. I need some help from you. I want  to know about the various events and activities a LUG should organise.”

My (hurried, and delayed) response?

Check this:
Linux Online – Linux User Group HOWTO
The Linux User Group HOWTO is a guide to founding, maintaining, …
6.1 LUG support organisations; 6.2 Founding a LUG; 6.3 Maintaining and
growing a LUG …

Most important:
set up and maintain (continuously) an active mailing list. Either
Googlegroups or Yahoogroups, if not your own server on Mailman, works

Good wishes to you.


Hope this works for others too…

GNU/Linux, of course... Goa Science Centre, Miramar

Goa LUG meet in progress…. (Photo FN)

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