Goa, writing, the Wikipedia…

Check this Goa Literature page on the widely-read Wikipedia at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goa_literature

Someone called it “badly done”. Wrote FlareNUKE in December 2005: “The article is not well wikified, it’s POV (point of view) and has a bad tone, the article needs a serious overhaul, or just merge it with Goa… Considering it’s been untouched for a long time (about a year…) I doubt anyone will bother with it… but sadly, I know nothing of the Goans.”

Said Paul Castro: “Could this article be re-organised? I think it does Goa a disservice to have works in English branded Goan literature and then Konkani (and Portuguese for that matter) relegated to another section. Maybe just divide the works by language? Goan Literature in English, in Konkani etc. What do people think of that?”

Her Pegship commented: “I cleaned up the npov, adspeak, and irrelevant text about the book trade. When someone has time, the authors and/or their works should be linked if possible.” Finally, FlareNUKE conceded: “Good job, after such a long time, it’s finally been cleaned up…”

On the same page, Deepak D’Souza reminds about the Konkani Wikipedia that “has been started and been in test stage since August 2006.” He writes, “Kindly contribute towards the Konkani wikipedia. We intend to make it a multiscript Wikipeida. At least tri-script with Devanangiri, Roman and Kannada scripts since these are the most popular ones. We would like to get more articles/templates in place. We also need volunteers to do the thankless and boring job of transliterating it to different scripts. As of now only two members are making active contributions. The more the merrier. Your contribution is vital to its success.The url is given below: 


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