Zudas… a one-act play

A play telling “the story” from the perspective of Judas Iscariot 🙂

It’s described thus; “Chintnank sarem ghalpi/ Motik dhar kaddpi/ Dev bhirantichea mon’xank halovpi/ Unnea bhavarthachea mon’xank zagovpi/ Ek anki nattok.” (Something to shake you up, and challenge the less-than-faithful…)

Published in 2007. Again, a TSKK-publication (I picked up these three books together). Priced at Rs 60. 58 pages.

It says: “Pratap Naik SJ‘s attempt at a lateral view makes a fascinating monologue to watch and listen to. Puritans may find the concept itself and the dialogues to be blasphemy. The playwright does not make a statement. Judas is brought to life in 2004 Anno Domini and made to tell us his side of the story — rather the untold story.”

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