Recommending: Ubuntu

Without reservations I would recommend Ubuntu, the GNU/Linux distro I’m currently using, for its ease-of-use and wide choice of packages. Earlier, I was on Debian (I like their politics … and might move back to it, now that an upgraded version is out). Above is the LFY version of Ubuntu, easily available in India. But there are others too, that come in via DVD, or can be downloaded from the Net.

Incidentally, I had this opportunity to interview Ubuntu-founder and Afronaut Mark Shuttleworth, under a full-moon and over a Ugandan dinner on the banks of Lake Victoria one January 2006 night… a memory that will long remain with me. He spoke not just of software, but of the need to promote Math education and offer better quality schooling in Africa. I was struck by his humility and candour…. confidence, and vision.

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One thought on “Recommending: Ubuntu

  1. hi frederick, writing in from mapusa. I would like to install ubuntu on my pc but have no clue how to go about it. do you know of anyone who would be willing to help? please mail me back when time permits. thanks a lot.

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