Tales … from the attic (stories from Savia Viegas)

Journo-turned-academic Savia Viegas recent book Tales From The Attic (2007, 130 pp, Rs 200, ISBN 81-85569-74-6, available from http://www.otherindiabookstore.com ) describes itself thus:

Marri, a school-teacher, sees her past in flashbacks during a delayed return to conscious(ness) after an operation. Her reminisces take us through Carmona, the village of her childhood and its memories, which are both idyllic and poignant. Written in biographical style, the characters of Xamai, her grandmother Preciosa, her mother, and Thette, her grand-aunt, come alive in sharp detail. The narrative weaves its magic through a racy and lyrical prose as it explores the small, intimate world of a Goan family.


Savia Viegas is a writer and academic based in Goa. She has contributed several research papers on history of museums and the social hsitory of photography in various journals. A Fullbright Fellow, she is presently working on the history of family photographs in Goa, covered by a grant from the Government of India. This is her debut novel.


She makes this point:

The characters in this novel are fictitious. I have lived in this village and it is this sense of loss that I felt at some of its old houses breaking down and wearing away that has made me imagine the life of some of my characters.

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