Profound ignorance…. (mine!)

Was pointing to my photos on Flickr and the above in particular. This came up in a Goa Research Net discussion initiated by
“jaymeferrer” <jaymeferrer at>, who wrote:

Does anyone have pictures of these temples or where I can find a link for those pictures?There are all in Goa.
The main interest is to know by images or works the beauty of this buildings.Thank you very much. Jayme Ferrer

Pravin Sabnis, architect and long-time friend, responded:

Rico’s photograph titled Shantadurga (dated 15 Feb) is actually Mangueshi temple (the front octagonal-shaped entrance is unique)…

Most Goan temples display an interesting mix of Hindu, Muslim and Christian architectural styles… Over the past few years “modern” influences like “bathroom” tiles, gaudy colours and colour TV sets have not diminished the appeal of most temples to tourists from elsewhere.

I am attaching a photograph of the Mahadeva Temple at Tambdi Surla, Goa’s only prominent reminder of the pre-Portuguese temple architecture. Maintained by the ASI (Archeological Survey of India), this 12th century temple boasts of some fine relief’s on the ‘Shikhara’ (spire) depicting a plethora of gods and goddesses. It was built in the Yadava style of architecture with all the necessary parts, like Garbha Griha, Mukhamandapa, Mini-shrines, etc .


While apologising for my blatant error (and hurriedly correcting the error), I offer to click photos of any part of Goa (and make the same sharable via the net) if someone is willing to guide me in the area.

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