Pune… and the RtI

Pune, the city in central India, is building up steam as a centre for Right to Information campaigns. Some of this is due to the former editor Prakash Kardalay, who has taken forth this issue with determination. Of course, there are others too.

There was this recent report, in the DNA, which says the awarenes about the RTI is signficantly high in Maharashtra.

Intelligent Pune, a local publication, has this story titled Country’s RTI crusaders are marching to Pune. It offers some links to useful sites: http://indiarti.blogspot.com (Pune activist Vishal Kudchadkar’s initiative from via California, US, where he’s based); http://righttoinformation.gov.in (official site); http://parivartan.com (site of the Delhi-based Parivartan); http://www.humanrightsinitiative.org/programmes/ai/rti/india/india.htm (comprehensive web pages on RTI packed with info including a users’ guide); ; http://www.agnimumbai.org/rti2005.pdf (Mumbai-based AGNI, Action for Good Governance and Networking in India) on RTI); http://cic.gov.in (Central Information Commissioner); http://sic.maharastra.gov.in (Maharasthra State Information Commision, in Marathi).

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