In the city of statues…

I’m in Pune, the city of statues. It always made me wonder why there are so many statues around here. (Talking about which, it might be relevant to point to a discussion on statues — of Jack Sequeira in this case — currently underway on the Goa Research Net.)

In India, you travel a few hundred kilometres… and you’re in a different “country”. Not that it bothers me… one has to be able to cope with differences in life. Last night, at the dinner halt on the overnight Paulo bus, we fish-curry-rice eaters were sequestered at the far end of the restaurant. At the meeting on the Right to Information underway here, most are in kurtas  and one felt like the odd man out in a tee-shirt 🙂 But company came along later.

Pune’s food is nice. As Madhu Kishwar, editor of the MANUSHI women’s and society mag put it, the food here isn’t “loud” (as compared to some other Indian regional food). Honestly, I hardly have a problem with food. Maybe I can remember two bad meals I’ve eaten in my life… and those were because of translation problems or the lack of trouble taken by me to find a decent place!

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