Now showing (once again)… Contacto Goa


Nalini Souza nalini_portugal at writes to say:

Don’t miss the second episode of Contacto Goa on RTPinternacional, on 13th May at 9:30 am (Portugal time), 2pm (India time). There will be a repetition at 3:15pm (Portugal time), 7:45 pm (India time). This episode of Contacto Goa will also be shown on RTP Africa at 8:30am(Portugal time), 1pm (India time).
This episode synopses: SAVE GOA RALLY A report on the massive Save Goa Campaign rally in Panjim, which, along with other similar protests, forced the Government to scrap the notorious Regional Plan 2011 FIGUEREIDO SISTERS Meet the two Figuereido sisters of Loutolim, whose indomitable spirit
continues to be an inspiration to Goan women GLOBAL GOAN CONVENTION Join the Global Goan diaspora as they reunite at the Global Goans Convention.

Actually, I liked the production qualities of the few episodes one tuned in to. But this series and its focus also reminds one of what  Dr Robert S Newman writes, in an essay titled “Myths of Goa… old and new” writes:

The Portuguese propagated the myth that Goa was entirely European, Catholic and culturally unlike any other part of India, thus to be maintained as the separate entity that ‘it always had been’….

In the twentieth century, the Portuguese created a picture of Goa (myth) through their census and ethnographic work, much as did the British throughout India as a whole.  By concentrating on the variety of castes and worshippers of different gods, the colonial powers denied that Goans or
Indians had anything in common.  They created a myth of ‘myriad separations’, and, since such a diverse population was ‘too difficult’ to manage for ‘mere locals’, this myth also created an excuse for their continued presence.

Newman is also fair-minded about critiquing other ‘myths’ on Goa. Including those emerging from Delhi and Bollywood. So read his essay….

[Photos above, courtesy Contacto Goa… Figuereido sisters, global Goan convention, and Dr Oscar Rebello of the Save Goa or Goa Bachao Abhiyan.]

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3 thoughts on “Now showing (once again)… Contacto Goa

  1. Prezada Nalini,

    Vivo nos EUA há quase 18 anos e subscrevi a RTPi. Foi com imenso prazer que tive a oportunidade de vêr o seu programa Contacto Goa. A familia materna do meu falecido pai, Francisco Noronha (aka Fanchu) era de Damao. A familia Castelino Fernandes e a paterna de Goa. Eu nasci em Margão e a minha familia imigrou em 1961 e acabamos por viver em várias outras colónia Portuguesas (Macau, Moçambique). É com grande orgulho que digo que sou Goesa com cultura Portuguesa. Fascina-me a história que nos deixa estes três grandes territórios Portugues, Goa, Damão e Diu. Desejo-lhe a continuação de grande sucesso neste magnifico programa que nos oferece. Com os meus melhores cumprimentos. Julia Noronha e Rodrigues.

    1. ola

      Vivo em Londres ha 6 anos e passados 7 anos, eu Joao Noronha encontro o comentario da minha irma Julia sobre o facto de sermos goeses com orgulho.

  2. Interesting to read that RTP has a Contacto Goa series, following similar ones for Macau and Timor. However, has it ever occurred to RTPi that it offer subtitling in other languages, like, er… English? I remember writing to RTP about this, and the guy there told me that ‘legendagem sera em breve uma realidade’. That was 2004.

    The Portuguese are their own worst enemies….!

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